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toward the apocalypse

The Onward Together Hastening Eldritch Renascence political action committee (OTHERPAC) is the only grassroots #Resistance advocacy organization that opposes all forms of human governance.

We are dedicated to gaining control of the U.S. government in Dread Lord Cthulhu’s name. Only He can cleanse the Earth of Trump… and everyone else.

Mission Statement

Onward Together Hastening Eldritch Renascence is dedicated to advancing the destruction earned by millions of votes in the last election.  By encouraging cultists to organize, get involved, and run for office, OTHER will advance the extinction of humanity and end all further generations of failure.

Cultist engagement at every level is central to a strong and final apocalypse.  In recent months we’ve seen that bullying, hate, falsehoods, and divisiveness are, by themselves, not enough to summon the eldritch gods.

From legalized human sacrifice to raucous town halls to infiltrating the Trump administration, cultists are speaking up and speaking out like never before.

The challenges we face as cultists are real. But there is no telling what we can achieve if we approach the fights ahead with sharpened blades and madness in the eye, as we bring that power into 2017, 2018, and to a final end in 2020.

Onward to Apocalypse!

"It takes a cult to raise a god."
Proverbs of Krijjacth

OTHER PAC is True #Resistance

Dozens of organizations have formed to take advantage of Trump’s pathetic administration. None are willing to attack his weakest points.

A real president would have conquered the world by now.

A real president would have tossed the world’s population into the meat grinder by now.

And the “Wall?” Let cowards like Trump hide behind them. The #CthulhuResistance is coming.

CONFESSIONS & REGRETSof those who didn't vote for Cthulhu

  • I'm embarrassed I voted for Hillary. I just wanted all this madness to stop. Now I embrace the madness.... and Cthulhu!

    Brenda Shull

    Web Designer - Dallas, TX

  • I didn't hear about Cthulhu until after the election. I'd have voted for Cthulhu instead of going bowling.

    Curtis A. Bass

    County Sherriff, Idaho

  • I really thought that Trump would end the world. But after 100 days he seems more interested in playing golf! I'm sorry Cthulhu, please don't eat me last!!

    Carmen Ricks

    HR Department Head - Phoenix, AZ

ABOUT USteam members

Zoya has a strong background in growing grassroots cult activism. She successfully lead the fight to legalize human sacrifice in Avery, Kentucky.

Zoya Ahtu

Zoya Ahtu


Arturo cut his political teeth in Representative Stephen Lazzaro’s successul campaign.  No stranger to arcane numbers, Arturo will work his magic for OTHERPAC translating Paypal dollars into apocalyptic action.

Arturo Zendao

Arturo Zendao


Rey does things.